For sorze4 AS, our mission is clear:

To be the best at what we do, without complicating things

Bigger outside of, than in Norway

In Norway, we have long been somewhat anonymous in the market. For more than 10 years, we have supplied the coffee used in Norway’s best-selling RTD coffee drink,  TINE’s iced coffee . The undisputed favorite of those who buy iced coffee in Norway. None over. No one is next door. You can probably safely say that.

Until Covid, we produced some of our products in Brazil, but we have now moved all production to our facility in Stjørdal (Norway).

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We are the best at sugar-free

Some claim that we have the world’s best sugar substitute and we don’t disagree!

Claudia Münch® JustSweet is not just an independent product. A natural prebiotic low-calorie sugar substitute that can be used for almost everything you use sugar for.

It tastes like sugar but isn’t and this product is, in many ways, what most of our other products are based on. Sugar-free, low-calorie, diabetes-proof, and prebiotic. One can say a lot about JustSweet without exaggerating.

Many food manufacturers see the novelty value and benefits of a natural prebiotic substitute for sugar, which tastes like sugar.

We believe Claudia Münch ® JustSweet, a product developed in the technology capital Trondheim, by MSc Claudia Münch, an immigrant from Brazil. We believe JustSweet will become the world’s most preferred substitute for sugar because the product is prebiotic and 100% natural!

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has GS1 Supplier number 9005326

sorze4 AS (ME01_12102)


DUNS 671300782
Safe number: NO01377548

sorze4 AS | Commercial Delphi Score per 28 th of July, 2022: 866 /1000

Average industry | Commercial Delphi Score per 22 th of July, 2022 (Norway): 643

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